Dubrovnik autumn

Autumn in Dubrovnik

Autumn is the perfect time of year for a relaxing holiday in Dubrovnik. With agreeable temperatures throughout the months of September, October and even November, autumn is an extension of the long, warm holiday season, inviting visitors to discover the city’s history, culture, traditions and hospitality after the summer has ended, when the heat is less intense. Dubrovnik is just as exciting to visit in autumn, with warm weather, plenty of delicious seasonal food, and a variety of cultural, entertainment and sporting events held throughout the season. Visitors can enjoy a series of classical and jazz concerts, traditional and contemporary dance performances, ballet, exhibitions, food festivals and other kinds of events that keep the city alive and vibrant long after the summer crowds have left.

autumn in Dubrovnik

For anyone looking to discover the city, spring and autumn are the best times to go. Autumn months stay comfortably warm in Dubrovnik, with temperatures that are ideal for sightseeing tours and long walks on the beach. Rainy days are few and far in between and the occasional shower leaves the sky clear and the air fresh. In early autumn, the sea stays warm enough for swimming and it is much easier to find space and relax in the autumn sunshine on the city’s beaches.

The famed medieval walls and the city’s numerous museums and galleries are far less crowded and prices at the local restaurants, bars and hotels considerably lower than in the summer, allowing visitors to freely roam the historic streets, take all the time they need to snap the perfect photo on the walls, and experience the local culture and lifestyle without worrying about finding a seat for an afternoon meal in any of the local eateries.

From November 3 to March 30, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board organizes free sightseeing tours of the Old Town every Saturday, taking visitors on a guided walk of the historic core before treating them to a performance of the popular Linđo Folklore Ensemble in front of the Church of St. Blaise. The free program is a relatively new offering launched to promote tourism in Dubrovnik in the colder months.

Where to stay in Dubrovnik

Travellers visiting Dubrovnik in the autumn months will find spacious, comfortable rooms with all the modern comforts and amenities at the Hotel Astarea. Located in the village of Mlini, only a short drive from Dubrovnik, the hotel makes a wonderful destination for a quiet, relaxing getaway. Its proximity to the old city, as well as a diverse offering of dining and recreation options, makes the hotel an ideal starting point for discovering the charms of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area. Guests can relax in the hotel’s spacious indoor pool, recharge in the spa zone or the fitness center, and enjoy the gastronomic delights at the hotel restaurant and tavern. Astarea also offers car rental and taxi service, airport transfers and organization of day trips and excursions to Dubrovnik and other popular destinations in the vicinity.

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