Beaches in Dubrovnik

Beaches in Dubrovnik and Mlini

Beaches in Dubrovnik, Mlini, Kupari and other places along the Dubrovnik Riviera are some of the main draws for tourists visiting the region during the long, hot summer season. The Mediterranean atmosphere and clear waters of the Adriatic lure thousands of visitors to the historic city and the surrounding area each year.

With the number of guests continually on the rise in Dubrovnik, visitors often opt for one of the relatively undiscovered destinations in the vicinity of the city. The nearby villages offer easy access to Dubrovnik and have cultural and historic sites of their own in addition to stunning beaches and a wide range of entertainment options and recreational activities.

The Dubrovnik Riviera has all types of beaches, from rock and pebble to sand. The best known ones include Lapad Bay, Sunj Beach on the island of Lopud, Srebreno Beach in the village of Srebreno, Gornje Čelo on the island of Koločep, and any of the beaches in the picturesque village of Mlini.

Beaches in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik itself has a number of public beaches. In fact, visitors arriving to the city in the summer months will find that most hotels have beaches of their own and some of the higher category hotels don’t allow public access.

Most beaches in Dubrovnik offer a variety of additional content, from restaurants and bars to recreational activities and sports. The most popular public beaches in the city include Lapad Bay, St. Jakov Beach, Sunj Beach, Copacabana, Buža Beach and Banje, the closest beach to the Old Town.

Mlini beaches

Visitors looking for a quiet, relaxing vacation in the Dubrovnik area will find a number of option in the towns and villages near the city. Mlini, a fishing village only 10 km from Dubrovnik, is one of the most developed tourist areas in the region and an excellent destination for all those looking for a tranquil Mediterranean atmosphere and a varied range of accommodation options. Along with historic churches, cultural sites and parks, Mlini visitors will find crystal clear sea, many secluded areas and a number of different sports activities on the Mlini beaches, including water skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, volleyball, and tennis.

Dubrovnik Riviera beaches

Kupari Beach is another popular destination for those visiting Dubrovnik in the summer months. Located in the village of Kupari, the sand and pebble beach is only 2.5 kilometres from Mlini in the direction of Dubrovnik. It is one of the best and most beautiful beaches on the Dubrovnik Riviera.

Visitors who prefer naturist beaches will find a stunning one in Plat, a village about 2 kilometres from Mlini in the direction of the historic town of Cavtat. The Plat Beach is an excellent choice for singles, couples and anyone else who enjoys their privacy. The clear, warm, shallow water makes the beach well suited to families with small children.

Villas Mlini

Tourists looking for accommodation on the Dubrovnik Riviera can book their stay at Villas Mlini, a large complex with 36 apartments. The villas are modernly designed, fully equipped, and situated in a beautiful Mediterranean garden near several beaches. The suites have spacious balconies overlooking the sea and guests can use an outdoor swimming pool, a heated indoor seawater pool, and other services available at the nearby Hotel Astarea, which is also part of the Dubrovnik Riviera Hotels complex. The pebble beach in front of the complex has a spectacular panoramic view of the nearby islands.