History of Dubrovnik

History of Dubrovnik today can be seen at every step in the town. Dubrovnik is museum city protected by UNESCO World Heritage status since 1979. But, what do you really know about history of Dubrovnik?


Winter Saturday Mornings in the City

Why shouldn’t you visit Dubrovnik out of the summer season? There is a plenty of reasons why Dubrovnik should be your choice for winter/spring vacation. Winter Saturday Mornings in the City is an event organized for tourists that are visiting Dubrovnik during winter.

Dubrovnik in October

Weather in Dubrovnik in October

October is one of the best times of the year to visit Dubrovnik. With mild weather, moderate temperatures and the summer crowds gone, September and October are an excellent time to experience the city as it settles into its regular routines and rhythms of life. Dubrovnik has a favourable weather, with 250 sunny days annually…


Tradition in Dubrovnik: Linđo Dance

Linđo, a popular traditional dance of the Dubrovnik region, is part of most major festivities in the old city and one of the region’s most unique attractions. Linđo has been performed in the same manner for more than two centuries and is featured every year at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, as well as at other…


Plan Your Trip: Local Transportation in Dubrovnik

Local transportation in Dubrovnik is the best way to explore and experience the old city, as all the neigbourhoods are linked by city bus lines. The local bus is also the easiest way to get around Dubrovnik, as traffic around the historic city core can get heavy and parking is both expensive and not always…

St john fortress

Dubrovačke gradske zidine

Dubrovački zidovi kao obrambeni kameni zidovi izgrađeni oko Starog grada, jedno su od najposjećenijih atrakcija grada Dubrovnika i najprepoznatljivija su znamenitost starog grada pod zaštitom UNESCO-a. Smatrani jednim od najvećih i najbolje sačuvanih fortifikacijskih sustava iz srednjeg vijeka, zidovi su izgrađeni kako bi zaštitili grad od iznenađujućih neprijateljskih napada. Prve dubrovačke utvrde datiraju iz 7….

weddings in Dubrovnik

Weddings in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is an ideal Mediterranean destination for a memorable romantic wedding, offering a variety of seaside locations with stunning views of old buildings and the Adriatic Sea. The city is also known for its warm hospitality and excellent cuisine, which always make visitors feel welcome and ensure an easy, relaxing vacation for wedding guests in…

dubrovnik cityscape

Top Selfie Spots in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a fantastic place for photography. The city offers a variety of inspiring landscapes, beautiful historic buildings and structures, and bustling squares and markets to keep tourists and photographers busy for days. Even those travelling with nothing but their smartphone to take pictures with will find plenty of excellent spots for selfies because Dubrovnik…

seven days in Dubrovnik

Seven Days in Dubrovnik

Seven days is more than enough time to explore Dubrovnik, especially during the low season, when the city is less crowded and beaches lose some of their summer appeal. To make the most of their time, first time visitors should begin their adventure in the Old Town, with a stroll around the city walls, which…