Dubrovnik, Baroque Music Cycle

Orlando Furioso – Baroque Music Cycle

Orlando Furioso is a Baroque music cycle organized and performed by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra. Director of the cycle is multitalented Russian virtuoso Dmitry Sinkovsky, world star of Baroque violin and conductor.

stay in Dubrovnik

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik 2017?

Dubrovnik offers countless accommodation options for long and short stays and welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists to its hotels, villas and apartments each year. As the most popular tourist destination in the region, the old city has a long tradition of hospitality and offers guests everything they need for an unforgettable holiday: stunning beaches,…

Dubrovnik in October

Weather in Dubrovnik in October

October is one of the best times of the year to visit Dubrovnik. With mild weather, moderate temperatures and the summer crowds gone, September and October are an excellent time to experience the city as it settles into its regular routines and rhythms of life. Dubrovnik has a favourable weather, with 250 sunny days annually…

Dubrovnik city walls

Top Reasons to Visit Dubrovnik Riviera

The Dubrovnik Riviera is a popular tourist destination for a variety of reasons. In addition to being a hotspot for summer holidays, the area draws travellers, nature lovers and history buffs throughout the year. The city itself, the most visited destination in Croatia, has been the region’s cultural capital for many centuries and offers an…

weddings in Dubrovnik

Weddings in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is an ideal Mediterranean destination for a memorable romantic wedding, offering a variety of seaside locations with stunning views of old buildings and the Adriatic Sea. The city is also known for its warm hospitality and excellent cuisine, which always make visitors feel welcome and ensure an easy, relaxing vacation for wedding guests in…

Easter in Dubrovnik

Easter in Dubrovnik

Easter break is an excellent time to visit Dubrovnik. The holiday marks the city’s awakening from the relatively short winter season and the streets come to life with various traditions and events. These are particularly evident on the streets of the Old Town on the morning of Easter Sunday. The annual Dubrovnik Easter Fair, which…

seven days in Dubrovnik

Seven Days in Dubrovnik

Seven days is more than enough time to explore Dubrovnik, especially during the low season, when the city is less crowded and beaches lose some of their summer appeal. To make the most of their time, first time visitors should begin their adventure in the Old Town, with a stroll around the city walls, which…

New Year in Dubrovnik

New Year in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is one of the top destinations for New Year’s celebrations in the region, as the walled city delivers a unique ambience and a variety of programs to keep residents and visitors entertained and in good spirits throughout December and into the New Year. The winter holiday season reveals a different side to the city…

Salvador Dali exhibition

Salvador Dalí Exhibition

An exhibition of Salvador Dalí’s artwork is currently open in the exhibition hall of the Convent of St. Claire in Dubrovnik. The unique exhibition features a series of Dalí’s prints, including the graphic opuses “The Divine Comedy” (1964) and “Biblia Sacra” (1967), which offer a glimpse into the artist’s perspective on the Bible and Dante’s…

Dubrovnik Film Festival

DUFF – Dubrovnik Film Festival

The Dubrovnik Film Festival (DUFF), the annual film festival for the children and youth of Mediterranean countries, runs from Thursday, October 15, to Sunday, October 18, in Dubrovnik. The festival welcomes filmmakers aged under 20 every year to encourage children and young people to be creative and to promote the art of film to the…