Dubrovnik Nightlife

Dubrovnik has a vibrant nightlife, especially from spring to autumn, when venues across the city welcome visitors from all over the world for everything from live music and theatre to late night clubbing and cocktails on quiet terraces by the sea. As Dubrovnik’s popularity grows among world travellers, more and more bars, pubs, coffee shops, restaurants and night clubs stay open throughout the year, ready to be discovered by new hordes of visitors flocking to the city.

The Old Town is, needless to say, the city’s hotspot for a fun night out, and the area most populated with trendy bars, clubs and other venues where residents and visitors go out for dinner, drinks with friends or a stroll along Stradun before heading to night clubs. The city’s walled core is also the centre for most cultural happenings, offering a particularly rich variety of events over the summer, when the Dubrovnik Summer Festival takes centre stage.

Popular Dubrovnik Bars

Almost every street near Stradun has several venues to go out for a drink, which stay open until 1 am, and it is usually not too hard to find a good spot to start the evening. The bars and pubs in Dubrovnik are mostly small and cozy, which means that waiters often serve drinks outside in the street.
dubrovnik stradun
Some of the most popular places include the Buža Bar, serving drinks on rocky terraces below the city walls, the Irish inspired Gaffe Pub, offering a low key night out near Stradun, Hemingway bar near Rector’s Palace, with the best selection of cocktails in the Old Town, D’Vino wine bar, offering an impressive range of Croatian wines, the Troubadour Jazz Cafe, a bar staging live music on the terrace, and any of the beach bars in Lapad Bay.

 Dubrovnik clubs

Dubrovnik clubs offer something for every taste and the most popular ones will leave few disappointed. Culture Club Revelin, located in the fortress Revelin, hosts different events every evening, from rock concerts to electronic music. The Latino Club Fuego is one of the city’s oldest and busiest clubs and the place to go for popular tunes from the music charts. The Lazareti club near Ploče Gate hosts live rock and alternative concerts, as well as a variety of events with an underground feel.
The nearby Banje Beach Night Club is where young people go to dance the night away and drink cocktails until the early morning hours. East-West, also located on Banje Beach, transforms from a beach club by day into a restaurant and night club in the evening. Park Orsula, a scenic open air stage located outside the city core, in the direction of the airport, hosts a music festival from mid-June to early September and is the city’s top venue for concerts.

 Where to stay in Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik offers plenty of different accommodation options, from hotels and villas to luxury apartmens. Travellers visiting Dubrovnik with families and children, who prefer a more traditional night out, can book their stay at the Hotel Astarea. Located away from the crowds of Dubrovnik, in the quiet, picturesque nearby village of Mlini, the hotel offers different types of leisure activities and entertainment in the evening to make sure that guests enjoy their stay.
The hotel’s Piano Bar and summer terrace offer the sounds of live music every night and guests can also occasionally enjoy folklore evenings, classical music, Dalmatian traditional a capella songs, handicraft shows, bridge tournaments, and other fun events. The hotel’s restaurants offer a variety of local and international dishes and an excellent wine list for those looking to explore local cuisine in an authentic Mediterranean setting.
hotel astarea in dubrovnik

Images: Wikimedia Commons/Diego Delso (Stradun, Old Port), Lukasz Bolikowski (Dubrovnik nightlife), Jerrye and Roy Klotz (Dubrovnik at night)