Dubrovnik Old Town museums

Dubrovnik Old Town Museums

Dubrovnik has plenty of museums to keep visitors busy while they are visiting the city. Many of these are located in the Old Town and they let history buffs dive into the local history of seafaring, trade, combat, art, agricultural practices and everyday life.

1Dubrovnik day trips to Korcula

Dubrovnik – Korčula Day Trip

For travellers visiting Dubrovnik, the island of Korčula is one of the favourite destinations for day trips and boating getaways. Situated on the eastern side of the island, facing the Pelješac peninsula, the town of Korčula is very easy to reach from Dubrovnik by bus, car or ferry, especially during the peak tourist season, when…

Midsummer Scene Theatre Festival_

Midsummer Scene Theatre Festival

Midsummer Scene, the only English theatre festival in Southeast Europe, returns for its fifth edition from June 20 to July 4, 2018. Despite being a relatively new cultural offering in Dubrovnik, the festival has already established itself as a major event and serves as an important platform for international projects and collaborations.