Good Food Festival Dubrovnik

The Good Food Festival, which runs from October 20 to 23, 2016 in Dubrovnik, is a unique event that puts a spotlight on the culinary specialties of the region, adding even more variety to the old city’s tourist offerings in the autumn months. Launched by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, the festival features interesting and new…


Plan Your Trip: Local Transportation in Dubrovnik

Local transportation in Dubrovnik is the best way to explore and experience the old city, as all the neigbourhoods are linked by city bus lines. The local bus is also the easiest way to get around Dubrovnik, as traffic around the historic city core can get heavy and parking is both expensive and not always…


Dubrovnik Wellness

Most visitors who come to Dubrovnik, either for short breaks or longer visits, look for a blend of history, culture, long walks by the sea, and recreational activities, and the city has plenty to offer in this respect. Travellers looking to spend a relaxing holiday on the Dubrovnik Riviera will find a wide variety of…


Day Trip from Dubrovnik: Island of Mljet

Mljet, the largest island in the Dubrovnik archipelago, is one of the most popular destinations for day trips from the old city. 37 kilometres in length and only about 3 kilometres in width, the island is a green haven known for its breathtaking beauty and numerous tales and legends associated with it. These include the…

Fort Lovrijenac

67th Dubrovnik Summer Festival

The 67th Dubrovnik Summer Festival, taking place from July 7 to August 25, 2016, will treat locals and visitors to a summer-long series of festivities with a versatile range of theatre, opera, dance and music events, film screenings and art exhibitions held at different venues across the city.


Day Trips from Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is an excellent starting point for day trips to a number of exciting destinations along the Croatian coast, on the nearby islands, and in the neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.


Dubrovnik: Best Movie Locations to Visit

Dubrovnik has been featured in countless Croatian and international film productions over the last century and welcomed some of the world’s most iconic directors, including Michael Curtiz, Orson Welles, Jiří Menzel, Hayao Miyazaki, Roger Corman, and Francis Ford Coppola. However, it has only recently begun to draw massive interest from filmmakers and global audiences, after…


Dubrovnik Nightlife

Dubrovnik has a vibrant nightlife, especially from spring to autumn, when venues across the city welcome visitors from all over the world for everything from live music and theatre to late night clubbing and cocktails on quiet terraces by the sea. As Dubrovnik’s popularity grows among world travellers, more and more bars, pubs, coffee shops,…