shopping in Dubrovnik

Shopping in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has never been a major shopping destination, but it nevertheless has a variety of places to shop for clothes, souvenirs, handicrafts and food. The Old Town is the number one place for visitors to go shopping, but most offerings along Stradun are geared towards tourists and, while the offer is varied, it also comes with higher prices. The streets to the north and south of the busiest tourist area tend to offer more variety and, generally, cheaper prices.

For travellers looking to explore the city while stocking up on supplies, the local markets are an excellent way to get to know the people and their customs. The market on Gundulić Square, the only open-air market in the Old Town, has a unique offer of souvenirs, jewellery and handmade lace every morning, along with fresh fruit, vegetables, and local cheese.
Gruž market, the city’s main open-air market for groceries, is where locals go to buy fresh fish, meat, fruit and vegetables. Located near the Dubrovnik ferry terminal, the market is open from early morning hours and the best selection of fish can usually be found around 7 am.

Dubrovnik Shopping Centres

Dubrovnik does not have any large shopping centres, but there are several smaller ones where visitors can find designer clothes, shoes, cosmetics, sports gear, consumer electronics and everything in between.
The DOC in Lapad is the biggest shopping mall in the city. It has everything from designer clothes, children’s stores and gift shops to cafes, pizzerias and a supermarket for groceries. The Lapad market, an open air market with organic fruits and vegetables, is located right next to the mall. Mercante, a smaller indoor shopping centre located in Gruž, has a similar offer of clothes, footwear, accessories, perfumery and souvenirs.
The shopping centres in Dubrovnik are typically open from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday.stradun dubrovnik

What to buy in Dubrovnik?

Travellers looking for local flavour can find a fine selection of souvenirs, paintings, ceramics and glassware made by local artists at the Dubrovnik House (Dubrovačka kuća). Located in the tower of St. Dominic near Ploče Gate, the facility is a combination gallery, souvenir shop and wine shop. It offers a range of local products, including authentic Dubrovnik treats and desserts, natural honey, olive oil, teas and the finest local wines and liquor.

The Clara Stones Jewellery Gallery and Workshop is another place to shop for unique local items, offering top quality handmade pieces made of coral, pearls and gemstones. Visitors also get a chance to see how the jewellery is made and they can have a look at rare precious items from all over the world in the basement of the store.
For a classic gift associated with Croatia, visitors can go to Boutique Croata, located near Rector’s Palace. The store, which promotes the country as the home of the tie, specialises in men’s and women’s ties and a range of accessories for business and formal occasions.

How to Find the Best Dubrovnik Hotels?

Travellers looking for a relaxing holiday on the Dubrovnik Riviera can book their stay at the Hotel Astarea. Located in the village of Mlini near Dubrovnik, the hotel is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a peaceful getaway on the Adriatic coast. It offers spacious, comfortable rooms with balconies and stunning sea views, restaurants serving the finest local cuisine, a wellness package, and a number of amenities to guarantee a relaxing stay, including indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, gym and beauty salon. The twin bedrooms at the hotel are ideal for families with small children, while the suites offer living rooms with large terraces and panoramic views of the sea.

hotel astarea in dubrovnik

Image: Wikimedia Commons/Sailko