Tradition in Dubrovnik: Linđo Dance

Linđo, a popular traditional dance of the Dubrovnik region, is part of most major festivities in the old city and one of the region’s most unique attractions. Linđo has been performed in the same manner for more than two centuries and is featured every year at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, as well as at other…

Fort Lovrijenac dubrovnik

67th Dubrovnik Summer Festival

The 67th Dubrovnik Summer Festival, taking place from July 7 to August 25, 2016, will treat locals and visitors to a summer-long series of festivities with a versatile range of theatre, opera, dance and music events, film screenings and art exhibitions held at different venues across the city.

Salvador Dali exhibition

Salvador Dalí Exhibition

An exhibition of Salvador Dalí’s artwork is currently open in the exhibition hall of the Convent of St. Claire in Dubrovnik. The unique exhibition features a series of Dalí’s prints, including the graphic opuses “The Divine Comedy” (1964) and “Biblia Sacra” (1967), which offer a glimpse into the artist’s perspective on the Bible and Dante’s…