Dubrovnik by night

The Night of Museums in Dubrovnik

The Night of Museums is traditional cultural manifestation in Croatia that is taking place in different museums, in a numerous town all over the country. This year The Night of Museums will be held on February 1st, it will start at 6 p.m. and last till 1 a.m. During this period the entrance in museums and a lot of others cultural institutions will be free of charge.

This year, as many years before, Dubrovnik with towns museums, galleries and other cultural institutions is participating in this manifestation. The main organizer of The Night of Museums is Croatian Museum Association with intention to bring museums closer to citizens and theirs guests. Also, the goal of The Night of Museums is to create the perception that museums are the important part of development of sustainable tourism.

This year the main theme is “Museums – Innovations and Digital Future”. During the manifestation the museums, galleries and other cultural institutions will organize a lot of different events, such as: exhibition openings, plays, concerts and different kinds of performances.

Museums in Dubrovnik, and all over Croatia, will show use of modern and innovative technology in everyday museum practice. Visitors will get the chance to see all possibilities that museums are given by implementation of technology. With new ways of presentations museums are becoming innovative and attractive.

Spend your winter getaway in Dubrovnik, the town with rich history. You will get a chance to get to know better the story behind this magical town. Visit Dubrovnik’s museums, galleries and cultural institutions that will be open for public free of charge.


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Foto: Pixabay