Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day in Dubrovnik

Did you know that Dubrovnik is one of the most romantic places in the world? It’s timeless beauty, historical charm, sound of the sea, beautiful sunsets, secluded beaches and more are making this place unique.
Special vibe of the town makes Dubrovnik desirable destination for engagements, weddings, honeymoons and of course Valentine’s Days romantic getaways. The Old Town is full of historical wonders and romantic places where you can enjoy the natural beauty, architecture and pleasant Mediterranean climate.

Among all romantic places you could see and all romantic things you could do in Dubrovnik as a couple we are recommending the best for memorable Valentine’s Day.

The most beautiful sunset in the world

Take your date out to the beach. Find some hidden beach, bring with you some fine local food and make an insanely romantic picknick with the beautiful view of Dubrovnik Old Town, Lokrum island, crystal clear sea and the most beautiful sunset in the world.

Take home the best memories

Dubrovnik has a lot of romantic places to take the greatest photos with your loved one. There is a lot of places you won’t resist. The romantic background of the Old Town, the stunning city walls with the marvelous view from above, picturesque small hidden streets, beautiful beaches and clear see. Get lost in the beauty of this town and fall in love with each other again. Make the best memories together.

Get lost in time

Love is timeless, so as this town with a great number of historical monuments. One of them is The Dominican Monastery dating back in 14th century. This impressive complex will take you back in history with its 14th-century church cloister, historic pharmacy, small museum and peaceful Mediterranean garden surrounded by arches of the cloister whit 14th-century still working well.

Dubrovnik Rector’s Palace is impressive building used to served as a set of Rector of the Republic of Ragusa. It’s built in Gothic stile harmoniously combining Renaissance and Baroque elements. During history, it was also the seat of the Minor Council and the state administration, it housed an armory and a prison. Today is a History Department Museum and one of the most impressive ambientes for a weddings in Dubrovnik. Check out why.

Another impressive city palace and romantic place that is often chosen for wedding ceremonies is Sponza palace built in mixed Gothic and Renaissance style. Trough history it served different purposes, among many, it was cultural center of Republic of Ragusa. The palace’s atrium served as a trading center and business meeting place.

Fort Lovrijenac is also called “Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar”. This magnificent fortress and theater located on the rock 37 meters above sea level will take your breath away. This fort had important role in resisting the Venetian rule. Today the fort is used as a stage and became important part of Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Discover Beauty of Dubrovnik Rivera

Visiting Dubrovnik is not complete without discovering beautiful Dubrovnik Rivera. Dubrovnik Rivera stretches from the delta of the Neretva River to the Oštro Cape at the most southern point of Croatia, hiding real jewels all the way. Picturesque little places of the Rivera are perfect for romantic walks with your loved one and discovering all hidden beauty of Adriatic Pearl.

It encompasses lower Neretva Valley connected to the Croatian inland, and the narrow coastal part at the foot of the Dinara mountain and the numerous islands. The Rivera coast is rich of coves, beaches of surreal beauty, numerous forested islands, all covered with Mediterranean vegetation that creates a special, relaxing atmosphere.

The area of the Dubrovnik Riviera has abundance of historical places, rich natural and cultural heritage and Renaissance mansions surrounded by dreamlike parks and gardens.

Mlini Bay is irresistible place tempting with its pretty little harbor and beaches. It’s a great place to stay for peaceful romantic getaway still just 10 minutes’ drive from Dubrovnik.

Srebreno is a wonderful place in Dubrovnik Rivera full of Mediterranean luxuriant green plants, mostly agaves, palm trees and pine trees. It’s also full of old architecture remains.

Trsteno is romantic place famous for its arboretum, 500-year-old monument of nature and gigantic Asian sycamore trees. Take a romantic walk trough garden of historical mansion.

Find nice hotel in Dubrovnik Riviera

If you want to spend this Valentine’s Day in a romantic getaway, finding a place to stay in peaceful, beautiful Dubrovnik Riviera is perfect choice.

Complex Dubrovnik Riviera Hotels is spread along Dubrovnik Riviera, in quiet coastal places Mlini and Srebreno, 10 km away from the city of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik Riviera Hotels are offering premium accommodation in a beautiful location with panoramic sea view, relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere and rich gastronomical offer of traditional local dishes and international cuisine.

Find out more about Dubrovnik Riviera Hotels, and book you stay for the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever.