Dubrovnik carnival

Dubrovnik Carnival 2019

Our ancestors also had fun, and so should we… is a moto of Dubrovnik Carnival. It’s time of year when people are having fun being someone else. Special atmosphere of joy, laughter and fun is taking over the city.
The lucky ones that are in Dubrovnik during the Carnival, from 1st to 5th of February 2019, will enjoy this colorful, joyful event.

Every year the Dubrovnik Carnival festival program is getting richer and richer. This year program of Dubrovnik Carnival is lasting for four days and it is mostly dedicated to children and youth. But, the last day of the Carnival the carnival parade is taking over the town. The Carnival parade is made of a lot of carnival groups and individuals dressed in costumes and masques to satirically make a comment of actual political and social events.

The Dubrovnik Carnival is part of Winter Festival that unites main winter events in Dubrovnik, including: Advent in the City, New Year’s Eve, the Festivity of St. Blaise, Valentine’s Day, and finally, the Dubrovnik Carnival. All those events are held in the most attractive Dubrovnik locations, and are keeping town full of life out of summer season. During Winter Festival Dubrovnik is becoming the town of fest and festivals.

Dubrovnik Carnival is organized by the City of Dubrovnik, the Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik and its partners. Dubrovnik Carnival tradition dates back in 14th century. For some time, masks were even banned. Now a days, Dubrovnik Carnival is one of the famous carnivals in Croatia.

The Carnival time is a great time to be in Dubrovnik. You can become someone else, you can wear costume or mask, even join the parade. The best costumes chosen by the Carnival juries will be rewarded with valuable prizes.


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