Dubrovnik day trips

Dubrovnik Day Trips

Dubrovnik is a wonderful holiday destination in itself, but also makes a perfect base for day trips to the nearby islands and historic towns along the Adriatic coast. For visitors looking to stay on the Dubrovnik riviera for an extended period of time, there are plenty of day trips to choose from once they have seen every corner of the old city. The Dubrovnik-Neretva region offers countless options for short trips and excursions, from sea kayaking tours to the nearby Elaphiti Islands and day trips to Split to boat trips to the islands of Mljet and Korčula, and day tours to Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Boat trips to islands

The island of Lokrum, lying just off the coast of Dubrovnik, is a perfect destination for a relaxing day trip. It offers rich Mediterranean vegetation and beautiful beaches away from the crowds of the city, and is known for its botanical garden and an old monastery complex. The island is a UNESCO-protected nature reserve. It is very easy to reach from Dubrovnik, with boats departing from the Old Town every 30 minutes during the summer.
The Elaphiti Islands, a small archipelago to the north of Dubrovnik, also allow for a wonderful day trip for anyone looking to spend the day swimming, sunbathing, and exploring small villages and architectural sights. The three inhabited islands –Lopud, Šipan and Koločep – offer accommodation to those who decide to stay for more than just one day. The islands can be reached by ferry, catamaran, and even by a replica of a 16th century galleon.
The island of Mljet is a little bit further away, but well worth the trip as a large portion of the island is a national park. The park borders two salt water lakes that stretch for about 4 kilometres. A small island on the larger lake is home to a 12th century Benedictine monastery building. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities in the Mljet National Park, including cycling, swimming, sunbathing, hiking, and kayaking.
Less than a two-hour ferry ride from the old city, the island of Korčula is a miniature Dubrovnik in its own right, with a well preserved Old Town and countless sights and attractions. A day trip to the island, with a stop on the Pelješac peninsula, will take visitors through countless historical sights, Gothic and Renaissance buildings, picturesque villages, wineries and stunning Mediterranean landscapes.

Day tours from Dubrovnik

The historic town of Cavtat is only a short bus ride away from Dubrovnik and has plenty to offer to visitors. The most popular attractions include the Rector’s Palace, the Baroque church of St. Nicholas, and the Račić Mausoleum. The town’s harbour, lovely beaches, and many bars and restaurants make it a popular holiday destination during the summer and an excellent alternative to Dubrovnik.
Split, the cultural centre of Dalmatia and one of Croatia’s most beautiful cities, is about 4 hours away from Dubrovnik. While it cannot be properly explored in a single day, the city offers visitors a myriad of historic and cultural sights to choose from, including Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the world’s best preserved monuments of Roman architecture.
Mostar, a historic city in the neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina, also makes for a memorable day trip. Located in the valley of Neretva River, the city is home to one of the country’s most recognizable landmarks, the 16th century Old Bridge. The valley itself offers stunning views of the local landscape.
Another trip across the border will take visitors to the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro, one of the most beautiful bays on the Adriatic coast. Inhabited since antiquity, the Kotor region has been a World Heritage Site since 1979. Along with breathtaking natural surroundings, the region has hundreds of Catholic and Orthodox churches and chapels, which make it a popular pilgrimage site.

Dubrovnik riviera accommodation

Visitors looking to book a peaceful, relaxing family holiday on the Dubrovnik riviera will find exceptionally comfortable rooms with stunning sea views at Hotel Astarea. Located in the village of Mlini near Dubrovnik, the hotel offers spacious rooms and suites, indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, and other modern comforts.
For guests looking to tour the region, the hotel offers transport services and transfers by boat or mini bus. Guests can book day trips to Dubrovnik and other destinations, including Cavtat, the Elaphiti Islands, and the island of Lokrum. Guests can also go on a day trip to Dubrovnik Old Town and explore all the must-see sights in the city’s historic core.
Image (Cavtat): Wikimedia Commons/Ketone16