Le Petit Festival Theatre in Dubrovnik, Time

Le Petit Festival Theatre in Dubrovnik

Le Petit Festival Theatre is unique and recognizable cultural event. Le Petit Festival Theatre is non-profit festival organized and performed by community of art and science enthusiasts form all over the world. Le Petit Festival Theatre promotes unity, love, honesty and compassion between different people.

Festival was founded by Vinko Mario Prizmić, artist from Dubrovnik, 14 years ago and through all this years Festival in Dubrovnik hosted more than hundred artists from all over the world. Le Petit Festival Theatre is taking place in World Capitals of Love, Dubrovnik in Croatia, Hanko in Finland and Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo in Japan.

This small theatre festival was started by theatre, poetry and art lover is becoming bigger and bigger. Five years ago, festival spread into Finland, Hanko, city located in southern Finland, on the coast of Baltic sea. Hanko becomes worlds second Capital of Love and host of Le Petit Festival Theatre. Le Petit Festival Theatre in Hanko is taking place at the end of August.

From this spring, festival started to taking place in three different cities in Japan, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.

Le Petit Festival Theatre is bringing together different kind of artists, actors, musicians, singers, dancers, painters and designers from the world.

Every year festival is dedicated to one theme. This year festival is celebrating “Time”. How much time do we have? We only have now.

This unique event is taking place in Dubrovnik from 13 to 16 June 2019, where residents and guests will be able to enjoy performances of various international artist completely free of charge. Visit Dubrovnik this June and experience this special event.

Program of Le Petit Festival Theatre in Dubrovnik

Program of this year’s Le Petit Festival Theatre in Dubrovnik starts at Thursday 13 of June at 7 pm, with opening expo called “Posters of Le Petit Festival through Time” at The Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik at Studio Pulitika located in St.John Fortress. Artist that will present their work are Radovan Jenko from Slovenia, Thomas Henriksson from Sweden and Ivna Bruck from Croatia.

At Art Workshop Lazareti, on timeline is Metaphysical performance “Two sisters” by founder of festival Vinko Mario Prizmic from Croatia, at Thursday 9 pm. After which follows the lecture “Time & Tesliyanyanism as a world harmony” by Dr Velimir Abramovic from Serbia.

Second day of festival Art Workshop Lazareti in Dubrovnik is hosting performance “Fear and Time” By Enora Makan Warna & Erwann Texier-Harth from France, after which follows concert “Fado and Time” by Port do Soul from Portugal. Program stars at 9 pm.

Saturday’s program in Art Workshop Lazareti includes Concert “Chansons d’Amour through Time” Mathieu Chardet from France and Ayser Vançin from Turkey with the special appearance of Viki Vucetic from Croatia, at 9 pm. After concert on the program is One unusual fairy-tale “The mirror and metaphysical Red Carpet” – with a special appearance of Lady Gaga alias Maria Soric performed by Mirjana Sajinovic and Aleksandra Blagojevic from Slovenia, Marta Catic, Dzive Catic, Tyra Vladic and Andreo Bezic from Croatia.

Last day of festival offers special treat, big open-air concert “Concert for Yesterday, Tomorrow and Now” performed by Erwann Texier-Harth from France and open stage surprised on the beach Veliki Zali. Program on the beach stats at 7.30 pm.

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