Dubrovnik weddings

Plan Your Dream Wedding in Dubrovnik

Are you dreaming about fairytale wedding in a romantic destination? Here is why Dubrovnik is destination that will make you say yes immediately.

Dubrovnik is very popular choice for destination weddings among couples form all over the world. If you have visited Dubrovnik, you know why is so. Its surreal architecture dating back in some ancient times in combination with modern elegancy and luxury, beautiful nature and a lot of sunny days make this town unique and unforgettable.

Dubrovnik offers diversity of romantic places for you to organize rememberable wedding ceremony and take home fantastic photos and memories.

Choose the Perfect Place for Memorable Ceremony

If you would like to have church wedding, Dubrovnik has some of the most romantic baroque and renaissance churches in the world. St. Blaise’s Church is a beautiful baroque church with amazing interior. This church dedicated to the patron of Dubrovnik St. Blaise and situated in the Old Town is great choice for couples that want a wedding with historic touch.

St. Ignatius Church is part of the most representative baroque complex not just in Dubrovnik but also in the whole Croatian coast. Monumental baroque staircase is leading to this complex that includes Church of St Ignatius and Collegium Ragusinum, Dubrovnik’s reputable Jesuit college. The church is single-nave construction with side chapels and a soaring ceiling. The walls are decorated with Baroque frescoes and show the life of St. Ignatius de Loyola. The church bell is the oldest bell in the whole city, dating back in 1355.

The Dubrovnik Cathedral, also called Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, is luxurious cathedral built in Romanesque style. English king Richard the Lion Heart partly contributed to the building of this cathedral. Church itself is richly decorated and holds a lot of historical treasures.
St. Dominic’s Church is part of Dominican Monastery, one of the important landmarks in Dubrovnik. Impressive stairway leads to the church door Romanesque work of Bonino of Milan. Above the door is a Romanesque statue of St. Dominic, founder of the Dominican order. The monastery garden is beautiful and unique green oasis. All that, make St. Dominic’s Church desirable place to say: I do!

Weddings in Dubrovnik

For civil weddings in Dubrovnik, the most interesting places are the palaces in the heart of the Old Town. Interior of the palaces are contributing the wedding with special atmosphere. Sponza Palace is the monumental palace built in Renaissance-Gothic style in 16th century. During the history palace has served a variety of public functions. Today palace is city archives, holding pieces of history.

The Rector’s Palace is a magnificent Gothic and Renaissance palace with a Baroque touch. During the Dubrovnik Republic the palace served as a residence of the Rector of Republic. Those magnificent places dating back in time of Dubrovnik Republic are great choice for civil ceremony with a historical spirit.

There is more… If you are looking for different and unique location, some of the Dubrovnik fortresses are unmistakable choice. Fortress Lovrijenac is one of them. Built on 37 meters high rock overlooking the sea, Lovrijenac is one of the most impressive places in Dubrovnik. This fortress head important role in town defense through history. It’s a fantastic place that will make you fall in love on the first site.

Another majestic fort is Fort Revelin built in 16th century to protect the eastern city gate. Fortress has beautiful top terrace overlooking the Old Town and harbor, the stunning view that will leave speechless both you and your guests.

Beside historical and cultural richness, Dubrovnik has a lot of natural gifts. Pleasant Mediterranean climate with a lot of sunny and warm days all year around make it desirable choice for weddings in any season. Christal clear waters of Adriatic Sea surrounding the city makes it even more breath taking.

Where to have unforgettable reception

Choosing the right place for wedding reception is as important as choosing the perfect place for ceremony. Celebrate your special day at beautiful Dubrovnik Riviera. Prestigious hotels with stunning view, professional, experienced and friendly team are guarantee that your special day will truly be the day of your dreams.

Depending on your wishes, you can choose to celebrate your wedding in Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel. The largest hotel ballroom can accommodate more than 1000 gusts. If you are planning more intimate wedding some of the ballroom of Astarea Hotel could be great for you.
No matter how small or big your reception will be, or which hotel will you chose, Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel dedicated team will take care of everything. Besides that, you will get a special discount on room prices for your guests.

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