Advent in Dubrovnik

Visit Dubrovnik During Advent Time

Dubrovnik is stunning city worth of visiting all year around, but there is something special in the Christmas magic that takes over the city during Advent time. All the beauty of this ancient town starts to glow illuminated with thousand lights. Fragrances of delicious traditional food and sounds of Christmas carols are spreading all over the town.

There are more things that are making Advent in Dubrovnik special. Dubrovnik residents are nurturing their Christmas tradition called Kolenda. It’s a tradition dating back in 13th century. Group of people called Kolendari are walking around the street and visiting homes whishing merry holidays with their songs. Often, they are playing different musical instruments making Kolenda more beautiful. During Advent time you can see and hear Kolneda on the streets of Dubrovnik.

If you want to see traditional Kolenda be at Stradun on December 24th or 31st at noon. You will enjoy in beautiful traditional carols performed by professional musicians: Linđo Folklore Ensemble, Libertas Choir and Dubrovnik Brass Band.

The unique sights of this stunning town such as Peskarija, Stradun, Pile and Lazareti are becoming the part of Dubrovnik Christmas fairytale and are presented in a whole new light. The uniqueness of Dubrovnik is visible at every step. The Christmas market is placed in the most beautiful locations of the town.

Christmas market stalls and cottages spread all over the streets in Old Town center are offering variety of Christmas delicacies, souvenirs and much more. For perfect Christmas experience every Sunday mornings Christmas carols and traditional songs will be performed all over the Christmas market.

Another thing that makes Advent in Dubrovnik special is its location in the heart of the Mediterranean. When thinking about Christmas first association is snow and cold, but in Dubrovnik Advent time means mostly sunny days with temperature rarely dropping under 10 Celsius degrees with smell of sea in the air.

Dubrovnik has great traffic connection with major European capitals, so if you want to escape cold winter and spent a bit different Christmas holidays remember that Dubrovnik is just short flight away.

Every year Dubrovnik is organizing rich Advent program that includes cultural, music and entertainment program, New Year’s Eve celebration, programs for collecting charities and a lot of events for the youngest. Visit Dubrovnik during Advent time and experience different Christmas holidays.

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Foto: Unsplash